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Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement is the most famous online dating site for women seeking a ‘sugar daddy’ and for men who want to be one. Not only is it the most famous and by far the biggest sugar daddy relationship site (with over 10 million claimed members), it’s widely regarded as being the most honest and reputable. So let’s take a closer look at it now.

Where Successful Men Go To Meet The Beautiful Young Women Who Want Them

Seeking Arrangement (also now known as simply ‘Seeking’) was established over ten years ago by an MIT graduate by the name of Brandon Wade in San Francisco, California. It soon established itself as the leading dating site in meeting a huge market for young women seeking honest and upfront relationships with successful men, in which the financial support nature of the arrangement was to be open and acknowledged from the start. In the words Brandon Wade – ‘love is a concept invented by poor people’.

The site has been involved in a number of controversies, as you might expect from a genuine and world leading dating network with over 10 million members. For example, in the sexting scandal involving former New York U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, one of the women who admitted having an extra-marital affair with Weiner told how she met him via the site. Apparently, she had been a member since the age of 19.

Whilst Seeking Arrangment members have been involved in a few publicized scandalous affairs involving married and wealthy, and even famous men, with attractive young women, to my knowledge there has never been any controversy as to such things as scams or data privacy breeches (unlike some other well known dating sites).

In other words, Seeking Arrangement might be a naughty site sometimes, but it’s definitely a legit dating site, perhaps the most legitimate in the world. If you’re a successful man, you’re going to get laid through this site. Whether you should or not…that’s for you to decide!

Membership And Pricing Structure

There are currently over three million members from 100 different countries, and the site makes the claim that for every sugar daddy (male) there are four sugar babies (female) seeking him. The site currently has an Alexa ranking of around 3,300, which suggests that it does have the large membership that it claims.

Basic membership is free – you can sign up for free right now with just your e-mail address – but members can pay to join higher grades of membership, such as diamond and premium, which give access to more features such as unlimited messaging. Young females who sign up with their university address are given instant premium membership – just one of the ways the site attracts such a huge number of young woman compared to any other dating website.