Whats Your Price Review


Whats Your Price can be described as the world’s first dating auction house. Men can make bids on first dates, and women can accept or refuse them. If you have money to spend on improving your dating life, then it’s a unique site that is worth exploring.

One Of The Biggest Sugar Daddy Dating Websites

Whats Your Price can be described as taking two popular dating concepts – sugar daddy ‘seeking arrangement’ matchmaking, and ‘speed dating’ – to create something new and exciting, and judging by its two million plus membership already, highly successful too.

‘Seeking Arrangement’, which was created by the same company as ‘WhatsYourPrice’, cut to the chase and took a more economic realist view of dating. Men want to date attractive young women, and most attractive young women on online dating sites want to date solvent men who can help pay for their lifestyles. Why not be honest about this and enable members to save, time, money, and hurt feelings, by not only directly acknowledging this, but making it the core feature of your site?

Seeking Arrangment was the first major dating site to employ this model, and of course it was a wild success, quickly becoming one of the biggest, if also one of the most notorious, dating sites online. Whats Your Price’ takes the model even further by allowing women to find men who are willing to put their money where their mouth is right from the start.