Adult Dates Review

Adult Dates 900 x 250 MILF

Adult Dates is a casual sex dating site that markets itself as being the place to go to meet local women looking for wild anonymous sex. In order to register at the site, you have to state that you are over 24 years of age, you engage only in safe sex, and that you will respect the anonymity of any female members you meet through the site.

Although the site has members from every 18+ age group, it does seem to lean a little more heavily than most general hook-up sites in the quantity of MILFs it has looking for sex.

It has been around for some years, so likely has built up a large member base over that time, with perhaps even some of the teen girls who signed up now MILFs, lol. It’s also produced by one of the largest dating companies, and is marketed under a number of names as well as ‘Adult Dates’ (a practice that has been common for years among webcam sites). According to analytics, most of the site’s visitors ar American.

Free registration gets you a fair bit of access to profile searches, limited interaction, and perhaps a little nude photo content.

Adult Dates – Scam Or Good Site To Try?

You don’t have anything to lose by signing up for a free registration here. Stick around for a couple of weeks and try it out as much as possible before deciding whether to become a paying member.

Best Adult Dating Sites 2020

There is now a countless number of dating sites targeted at heterosexual men looking for romance, casual hookups, or even ‘sugar daddy’ seeking arrangement type relationships.  These range from high quality vetted sites with hundreds of thousands or even millions of real female members, to small foreign scam sites with fake profiles. We’re reviewing all the top dating sites for men online and here is our current pick of the best, the biggest, and the most trusted in 2020.

Top Eight Dating Sites For Men 2020

1 # Seeking Arrangment

One of the biggest dating sites in the world, 100% legit, and almost guaranteed to get you laid with a beautiful young woman…if you are a reasonably wealthy, of course.

2 # Well Hello

American based English language dating site with the emphasis on local hook-ups and casual encounters.

3 # Elena’s Models

The World’s most trusted Russian and Ukrainian online dating site with more than 2 million profiles.

4 # Miss Travel

MissTravel - featured banner

Another great sugar daddy type dating site that specifically seeks to match up young and beautiful university students who are looking to travel, and the men who have the money and desire to travel with them!

5 # Hustler Personals

The famous porn brand naturally attracts thousands of real slutty girls and wives to its adult dating site.

6 # Sensual Matches

A local dating site with the emphasis on sexual encounters that might turn into more enduring, if casual, relationships. It’s free to create a profile.

7 # What’s Your Price


A rather unique ‘seeking arrangement’ dating site which attempts to pair up wealthy men and beautiful women via an ‘auction system’.

8 # Adult Dates

A no strings attached local hookup site, with an emphasis on MILFs looking for casual and anonymous sex.


Whats Your Price Review


Whats Your Price can be described as the world’s first dating auction house. Men can make bids on first dates, and women can accept or refuse them. If you have money to spend on improving your dating life, then it’s a unique site that is worth exploring.

One Of The Biggest Sugar Daddy Dating Websites

Whats Your Price can be described as taking two popular dating concepts – sugar daddy ‘seeking arrangement’ matchmaking, and ‘speed dating’ – to create something new and exciting, and judging by its two million plus membership already, highly successful too.

‘Seeking Arrangement’, which was created by the same company as ‘WhatsYourPrice’, cut to the chase and took a more economic realist view of dating. Men want to date attractive young women, and most attractive young women on online dating sites want to date solvent men who can help pay for their lifestyles. Why not be honest about this and enable members to save, time, money, and hurt feelings, by not only directly acknowledging this, but making it the core feature of your site?

Seeking Arrangment was the first major dating site to employ this model, and of course it was a wild success, quickly becoming one of the biggest, if also one of the most notorious, dating sites online. Whats Your Price’ takes the model even further by allowing women to find men who are willing to put their money where their mouth is right from the start.

MissTravel - featured banner

Miss Travel Review

MissTravel - Never Travel Alone

Miss Travel is a sugar daddy style dating site from the same stable as Seeking Arrangement. As you might guess from the name, the idea is to link up attractive young women wishing to travel to places they would not normally be able to afford, with the men of means who can enable it….as their travel companions.

The Largest Online Travel Dating Community

Miss Travel has millions of members worldwide. It’s the trusted site to join for hundreds of thousands of open-minded and adventurous young women seeking to hook up with a wealthy and interesting man to go travelling with.

You never need to go travelling solo again. No more heading off to ‘pussy paradise’ and spending frustrating and lonely nights fapping away in your hotel room. Get on the plane with a beautiful young intelligent university student eager to experience new worlds with a mature and generous older guy.

Seeking Arrangement Featured Image

Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement is the most famous online dating site for women seeking a ‘sugar daddy’ and for men who want to be one. Not only is it the most famous and by far the biggest sugar daddy relationship site (with over 10 million claimed members), it’s widely regarded as being the most honest and reputable. So let’s take a closer look at it now.

Where Successful Men Go To Meet The Beautiful Young Women Who Want Them

Seeking Arrangement (also now known as simply ‘Seeking’) was established over ten years ago by an MIT graduate by the name of Brandon Wade in San Francisco, California. It soon established itself as the leading dating site in meeting a huge market for young women seeking honest and upfront relationships with successful men, in which the financial support nature of the arrangement was to be open and acknowledged from the start. In the words Brandon Wade – ‘love is a concept invented by poor people’.

The site has been involved in a number of controversies, as you might expect from a genuine and world leading dating network with over 10 million members. For example, in the sexting scandal involving former New York U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, one of the women who admitted having an extra-marital affair with Weiner told how she met him via the site. Apparently, she had been a member since the age of 19.

Whilst Seeking Arrangment members have been involved in a few publicized scandalous affairs involving married and wealthy, and even famous men, with attractive young women, to my knowledge there has never been any controversy as to such things as scams or data privacy breeches (unlike some other well known dating sites).

In other words, Seeking Arrangement might be a naughty site sometimes, but it’s definitely a legit dating site, perhaps the most legitimate in the world. If you’re a successful man, you’re going to get laid through this site. Whether you should or not…that’s for you to decide!

Membership And Pricing Structure

There are currently over three million members from 100 different countries, and the site makes the claim that for every sugar daddy (male) there are four sugar babies (female) seeking him. The site currently has an Alexa ranking of around 3,300, which suggests that it does have the large membership that it claims.

Basic membership is free – you can sign up for free right now with just your e-mail address – but members can pay to join higher grades of membership, such as diamond and premium, which give access to more features such as unlimited messaging. Young females who sign up with their university address are given instant premium membership – just one of the ways the site attracts such a huge number of young woman compared to any other dating website.

Elena's Models

Elena’s Models Review

Elena’s Models is widely regarded as the world’s best and most trusted Russian women dating site. Looking to find romance with a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman? Well this is the site for you, with over 2 million profiles to browse, and literally hundreds of thousands of attractive women eager to start a serious relationship with a kind and gentle Western male.

This was one of the first dating sites online, and has led the way in pioneering vetting procedures for members. Whilst a number of Russian/Ukrainian girl dating sites have a deserved reputation for being scammy, misleading, or consisting of a few dozen prostitutes, Elena’s Models is known as being bona fide and the most established serious dating site for those seeking love among the millions of lonely feminine beauties in the former Soviet Union.

One way of testing the credentials of a dating site like this is to look at the public Alexa information. As of December 2018, Elena’s Models had an Alexa ranking in the top 100,000 websites online, which means it does indeed attract huge traffic. But what’s more interesting, and something that gives credence to it’s honesty, is that 30% of its traffic comes from the USA (presumably American men looking for a Russian or Ukrainian partner) and around 20% of its traffic comes from Russia and the Ukraine (suggesting that there is a good balance between Western men seeking females, and Russian/Ukrainian women seeking males).

Alexa info on Elena's Models

Reasons To Join Elena’s Models

  • Over 100,000 members typically online at any time
  • Claims to have 2 million member profiles in total
  • Known as one of the most trusted Russian/Ukranian women dating sites
  • Detailed profiles that also include ‘response rate’ of each female member
  • Alexa ranking indicates that its membership composition is truthful and balanced

Elena’s Models Female Profiles Free Previews

Here are some examples of the profiles of the tens of thousands of female Russian and Ukrainian members on Elena’s Models. These are just snippet screen shots. Click on the image to go direct to the full profile.

Jessica 27 YO Russian Woman From St Petersburg Looking For Marriage

Jessica is a former beauty queen and understandably one of the most popular profiles at the site. According to the stats on her profile, she responds to around 27% of the messages from men she recieves.

Jessica St Petersburg dating profile

Olga 28 Year Old Russian Redheaded Beauty Seeks Intelligent Honest Man

Beautiful Redhead Olga is a 28 year old young woman from St Petersburg. She is a former ballerina studied economics at university. Olga is seeking a Western man who is intelligent, honest, and active. She reportedly responds to 30% of the messages she receives from men on the site.

Olga Russian redheaded beauty dating profile

Sensual Matches Review

Sensual Matches advertises it as an alternative to Tinder, and there may be some truth to that. It’s pitched at a demographic that is looking for casual sex but perhaps something a bit more meaningful and enduring than a pump and dump. Girls might not be quite so judgemental and dismissive of guys with sub-model looks here. They’re not necessarily looking for a serious relationship but maybe a dependable fuck buddy they can call at at any day of the week and be almost guarenteed a good fuck. If you’re a guy whose up for this type of thing then it’s a good site to check out as it’s one of the biggest there is in this category, run by a company that has been in the dating and casual fling market since way before the likes of Tinder.

iFriends Review

is one of the oldest major dating sites online. Although the emphasis is still on dating and real offline relationships, since its early days it has also functioned as a webcam company, with video chat being the preferred means of establishing contact for their thousands of female members looking for male partners.

Over time, iFriends has become increasingly a video chat site, and now has over half-a-million ‘webcam models’ and more than 13 million members. Doing the maths, if most of the non-webcam models are guys searching for women, then there are over 25 men for one woman on the site, and not all of the women are looking for offline relationships, but are indeed cam girls earning money.

Despite this, it’s still worth a try if you are looking for a real offline relationship. You could describe iFriends as the video chat site that is perhaps your best chance of actually meeting, dating, and fucking the webcam girls.

Reasons to Join iFriends

  • Over 500,000 webcam girls, many seeking to meet men offline
  • One of the oldest, largest, and most bona-fide dating sites for men
  • Unlike many dating sites, you can join for free and try it out
Hustler Personals Real People Real Sex

Hustler Personals Review

Hustler Personals
Hustler Personals
is the adult dating site of one of the most famous brands in porn that dates back to 1974 and Larry Flynt. It claims to have around 90 million members, which is an incredible number, but as an American based company it would appear to be required not to inflate its membership figures for advertising purposes, and thus could very well not be an exaggeration. Although the vast majority of its membership is of course going to be male, it would hardly be surprising if thousands of real female sluts would not be attracted to join the dating site of a world famous porn brand.

Reasons To Join Hustler Personals

  • Claimed membership of almost 90 million worldwide
  • One of the biggest adult companies in the world
  • Likely to attract hardcore sluts and pornstar wannabees
  • Live webcam chat available
  • Local member groups with specific sexual interests
  • ‘Thousands of sexy member videos’