iFriends Review

is one of the oldest major dating sites online. Although the emphasis is still on dating and real offline relationships, since its early days it has also functioned as a webcam company, with video chat being the preferred means of establishing contact for their thousands of female members looking for male partners.

Over time, iFriends has become increasingly a video chat site, and now has over half-a-million ‘webcam models’ and more than 13 million members. Doing the maths, if most of the non-webcam models are guys searching for women, then there are over 25 men for one woman on the site, and not all of the women are looking for offline relationships, but are indeed cam girls earning money.

Despite this, it’s still worth a try if you are looking for a real offline relationship. You could describe iFriends as the video chat site that is perhaps your best chance of actually meeting, dating, and fucking the webcam girls.

Reasons to Join iFriends

  • Over 500,000 webcam girls, many seeking to meet men offline
  • One of the oldest, largest, and most bona-fide dating sites for men
  • Unlike many dating sites, you can join for free and try it out